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Foot Heath Professional - Steve & Rachael Green

We offer a complete range of foot health treatments with the aim of returning your feet to good health, allowing you to be pain free, assist your mobility and make the most of everyday life.

Treatments & Prices


First Visit and Assessment £40

This appointment will assess each foot, focusing on the Neuropathy and Vascular Health, coupled with a thorough review of your footwear.  This is to ensure your feet are in good health and both the practitioner and patient understand what treatment plan is required to provide the right care and support for all involved. This appointment will also include cutting and filing of nails, treatment of callus, corns and verrucas.  Please be aware these appointments can last up to 2 hours.


Standard Visit - £35 Single / £55 Couple 

A comprehensive treatment involving a cut and file to all toenails, as well as treatment of all callus, corns, ingrowing toenails and verrucas. This is then followed by an application of hydrating cream to both feet, and any  dressings if required supplied within the charge.  Additional charges will be applied for specialist protectors, spacers and supports, prices agreed at time of treatment.  


Tailored Treatment Plan

If you wish to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs and circumstance, please let me know.  I am happy to go through your requirements and agree a treatment and price plan which is best suited  for you and your feet.


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