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About Foot Health Practitioners

Foot Health Practitioners attend to all of the common conditions that affect the leg and foot, from routine care of nails, treatment of verrucae, corns, callus, right through to functional problems of the leg and foot.

Foot Health Practitioners deliver foot care wherever it is needed. We are trained to recognise foot and leg conditions, treat appropriately and refer when necessary. Many people need simple foot care to maintain mobility and quality of life. Being overweight or diabetic increases the need, for good foot health.

Foot Health Practitioners deliver our skills in a wide range of settings. We work with other health care professionals wherever necessary for the well-being of their patients.

We may visit individual patients in their own homes, attend patients in Rest Homes and Nursing Homes, or visit industrial and commercial sites for the benefit of employees. 

We offer professional foot treatments which may be resolved in one appointment or multiple appointments depending on the condition of your feet. These include;


  • Corn and Calluses

  • Verrucas

  • Nail cutting

  • Hard, cracked skin filed down

  • Fungal Nail and Fungal Skin Treatments

  • Ingrown Toenail Treatments

  • Diabetic foot care


All this can take place right in the comfort of your own home.


If you are diabetic it’s advised to have a foot health professional to ensure your feet are in good shape. 


We qualified with The Open College of Foot Health Professionals and are members of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals. We are also First Aid trained and fully insured.

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